Wellbeing Wednesday, 29 Nov 2023

Fostering Self-Esteem in Adolescent Girls

Adolescence is a pivotal stage in a young woman's life, marked by self-discovery, growth, and the development of self-esteem. At Toorak College, we understand the unique challenges that adolescent girls face during this critical period. Our commitment to nurturing their self-esteem goes beyond academics; it's about building strong, confident, and empowered young women. Self esteem is an extremely important topic within girls schools given the ongoing decline in wellbeing amongst adolescents in…

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Wellbeing Monday, 30 Oct 2023

How to navigate difficult issues of World Conflict with your child

In a world where information flows freely, children are exposed to confronting events that occur throughout the world through various mediums despite the controls we have in place for them. With a stream of images, headlines, information and conversations, it is important to check in with your children, reassure them, and correct any inaccurate information they may have heard, or incorrect assumptions they may have made. We need to remember that young people view the world through their lens,…

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Early Learning Monday, 09 Oct 2023

Developing Mindfulness in our ELC

The Positive Impact of Yoga, Mindfulness & Breathwork on Young Students In our Early Learning Centre, students are busy learning the masterful craft of yoga and breathwork. Incorporating yoga, mindfulness and breathwork into our curriculum from a young age can be extremely beneficial, having a positive impact on children’s physical, emotional and cognitive development. Self Regulation through Breathwork Each week, our ELC children settle into practice with a breathing exercise. This…

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Junior School Thursday, 21 Sept 2023

Elevate in Year 4: The Independent School Advantage

As parents, we all strive to provide the best educational opportunities for our children. When it comes to fostering academic growth, personal development, and lifelong friendships, the decision to transition your child to an independent school in Year 4 can be a game-changer. We believe that beginning this transformative journey in Primary School, rather than waiting until their senior years, lays a strong foundation for your child’s confidence in themselves and their abilities as a learner.…

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Wellbeing Monday, 28 Aug 2023

The Impact of TikTok on Students | Toorak College

We live in an age where social media is synonymous with adolescents' lives. Popular social media platforms like TikTok offer young girls a space to express themselves creatively, connect with others, and explore various trends on their social networks. These formative experiences are not new experiences for this generation, they are just being explored in broader, less filtered and more responsive ways than the Dolly magazines, Plaster Fun Houses and Blue Light Discos of my era. However, as…

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Junior School Monday, 14 Aug 2023

A Week in the life of a Prep Student

At Toorak College, we are passionate about curating exceptional learning journeys for our students, forming fundamental learning habits and fostering a deep love for knowledge. We welcome you into a glimpse of the extraordinary journey of a Prep student, where each day is a canvas for cultivating essential learning habits that will undoubtedly shape the future of their educational experiences. Within the enchanting walls of Toorak College, we embrace eager minds, instilling a sense of…

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Education Monday, 24 July 2023

How to Prepare Your Child for Scholarships

The Path to Scholarships - A Guide for Parents Q - Should my child sit for a scholarship at a school? A - Sitting for a scholarship is a really personal choice and it comes down to what you are hoping to achieve. A scholarship may increase the school options available to you, making some schools more accessible to more families. Other families may want to sit them as a means of gaining more external data on their child’s progress, increasing the ability to target focus areas. Some families may…

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Wellbeing Tuesday, 18 July 2023

Nurturing Wellbeing Through Art & Design

Improve Well-Being Through The Arts When we visit a gallery—often roaming and reflecting in silence—or watching a performance on stage, we can become consumed by thoughts and feelings, which have the power to transport us to realms outside ourselves. When a teenager engages with artistic endeavours, those moments can have a profound impact on their mind for the better. Art enriches our life experiences and adds colour, sound and meaning in order to understand new contexts and perspectives.…

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Leadership Monday, 05 June 2023

The Next Generation of Young Leaders

While the world is changing at a rapid pace, the qualities of a great leader remain the same. As the next generation of young leaders begins to emerge, we are seeing leaders that are not afraid to challenge the status quo, making a difference in their communities and beyond. In this blog, we will hear from our young female leaders, who despite setbacks, were able to persevere and show that with determination anything is possible. Amelia - Junior School Class Captain. Junior School Class…

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