Education and Teaching Thursday, 01 June 2023

Neurodiversity in the Classroom

How to work with neurodiverse women in the classroom I was recently asked the question by someone intrigued by the world of education, ‘What has changed the most in your role as a teacher over time?’ I found this question really interesting to reflect on and I am sure the answer I gave will resonate with other educators. Early on in my teaching career I would acknowledge different types of learners and learning styles in the classroom and over 20 years later, I am still differentiating. I am…

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Education Wednesday, 22 Mar 2023

The ATAR Debate. Do Australian Students Still Need It ?

Should the ATAR stay or go? How challenging traditional methods of reporting will open real industry pathways for students. I commenced my teaching career in 2000, at the beginning of the century (that sounds both momentous and frightening simultaneously). This time not only marked the beginning of my career but also a time of change in the world, where the students I taught learnt the meaning of the word terrorism through world events and not just fictional texts. With any kind of change it…

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International Women's Day Monday, 06 Mar 2023

Women Who Inspire Us

Amazing women who inspire us. In honour of International Women’s Day on Wednesday 8 March, we wanted to highlight some of the talented women of Toorak College who have shown perseverance, grit and spirit to achieve success in their chosen fields. Miss Tando Matanda, Toorak Collegian, Venture Capitalist and Innovation Consultant Tell us about your educational journey. “I am a Cambridge University graduate, investment and corporate venturing expert, who has spent the last decade advising,…

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Junior School Tuesday, 21 Feb 2023

The Importance of Transition From Primary to High School

The Importance of Successful Transition to High School At the beginning of a school year, students, parents and educators alike, have a large focus on transition. We understand the importance of transition for two important reasons: A successful transition to high school instils self-confidence and develops social competence, which allows for new connections and friendships to be forged, and it enables new beginnings to be created, allowing for goals and plans to be made that direct a young…

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Innovation Monday, 23 Jan 2023

Why Educators Should Embrace ChatGPT

How will ChatGPT alter the world of education ? Just when we thought we could be returning to a sense of normality in schools in 2023, our next wave of disruption comes crashing down, right before those gates open for a new school year. ChatGPT has crept into the world right when we were unplugging for a few weeks and finally reading books for pleasure, watching a TV series and enjoying the luxury of having nowhere else to be. If you are not already familiar with ChatGPT it is a language model…

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Parenting Wednesday, 07 Dec 2022

Top 7 Parent Tips For Returning to School

How to support your child’s return to school As we prepare our children for the return to school, while it is a very exciting time for many, for some it can bring with it feelings of unease, uncertainty and trepidation. Those butterflies in the stomach are completely normal as we face challenges or change, and it is important to work with those feelings, not against them. Whether it be concerns around starting a new school, a desire to explore new friendship circles or being away from parents…

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Parenting Monday, 28 Nov 2022

How to Help Your Child With Social Media Safety

How to help your child navigate social media As summer holidays approach and children have more free time to scroll on their devices, it is important to have conversations with your child around social media & cyber safety. It’s these questions that keep many parents up at night—how do you raise a safe, healthy child / teen in the age of smartphones and Instagram? In a time where Australian teenagers are spending over 1200 hours on social media each year, finding a balance is…

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Education Thursday, 03 Nov 2022

Benefits of an All Girls Education

Inspire the next generation with an all girls' approach They say, ‘If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you’. At Toorak College, we firmly believe that change is driven by challenge, and this holds true for the world we inhabit. While significant strides have been made toward gender equality in recent decades, our world still grapples with gender disparities. According to data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, men, on average, earn $263.90 more per week than women. In light of…

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Education Monday, 17 Oct 2022

5 Effective Study Habits For Students

Set your child up for success with these 5 study habits. As we approach the end of the year, students have an opportunity to really show their teachers, and themselves, what they can achieve academically. To do this successfully, students have to prepare for the occasion. To assist your child with developing healthy and successful study habits, it is important to check in with them to understand their goals and to ensure they have set themselves up for success. Research suggests that many…

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